Although our school is a year-round program, we transition to a Summer Fun Program from the 2nd week of June until the end of August to switch gears to a program enjoying more of the outdoor classroom with a closer look on at our environment, both around us and beyond our back yard and neighborhoods.

Forest Hills Preschool Summer 2009

Week 1 *Welcome to Summer – Week of Sensory Curriculum.
Week 2 *A Green World for my future.
Week 3 *Celebrating Fourth of July – I love my country!.
Week 4 *What lives in the Ocean?.
Week 5 *What lives in the North and South Pole?
Week 6 *What is the difference between a Forest and a Rain Forest?
Week 7 *What is the difference between a Dessert and Grassland?
Week 8*Endangered Species and Extinct Animals.
Week 9 *Architect/Construction.
Week 10 *Young Scientists.
Week 11 *Transition Week – Outdoor (The school is closed on Friday, August 28th and Monday, August 31st)

-Water Play starts June 20th-August 22nd during outside play time

Each child needs to bring a bag labeled with their name that includes a towel, a change of clothes (underwear, top/bottoms), and water shoes to put on before going outside. Please include a bag for wet clothes (plastic grocery bag works well). Girls can wear their swim suits under their school clothes. Please do not send them to school in only a swim suit. Boys may wear swim shorts and bring a pair of shorts to change in to later. Please remember to apply sunscreen before school and send a bottle to keep in-house for later reapplication. Water shoes will be put on just before going out. Shoes with a back or closed toe are preferred to flip-flops.