our-core-values-01Nurturing Individuality

● Believe in the potential of each person

● Value teamwork because cooperative efforts produce superior results

● Recognize that individuals contribute more when given more authority and accountability at their disposal

● Show respect and concern for each other

● Value diversity

● Maintain a safe, clean and enjoyable work environment that offers personal job satisfaction and professional growth


● Know parents’ requirements and expectations, and working to meet and exceed them

● Define our services to the parents up front in a clear and concise manner

● Demonstrate personal commitment to providing excellent child care and learning programs

● Believe that everything can be improved

● Achieve excellence in maintaining a safe, healthy and clean child care school

● Take ownership and pride in what we do


● Treat others the way we want to be treated

● Demonstrate integrity in all our relationships

● Obey the law and maintain honest and ethical behavior in all our activities

● Place high priority on building trust

● Consistently do what we say we will do

● Communicate candidly, frankly and constructively

● Have exemplary relationships with children and their parents


● Be innovative, creative, productive and efficient

● Challenge standard solutions constructively and review past practices for continuous improvement

● Exercise personal initiative

● Listen and share ideas with others

● Be proactive in creating change that can lead to our achieving greater success