Our Pre-K/T-K program is carefully designed to ensure that your child is academically and socially prepared for even the most demanding of kindergarten programs.

The Bears class consists of four-year-olds and children turning five just within the cut-off date for Kindergarten. This class offers the opportunity for children unfamiliar with a traditional pre-school program or requiring more emotional support in the transition to experience the Pre-K/T-K curriculum in a lower-ratio environment. Projects and activities may be scaled more specifically for such needs, but the curriculum for kindergarten readiness is shared by both the Bears and Eagles classes.

The Eagles class consists only of five-year-old children, all of whom have displayed the ability to work autonomously in an academic environment, with the appropriate level of guidance and instruction from their teachers. Although these children have exhibited characteristics of social and academic independence, their environment and teachers remain nurturing, caring and comforting during what may be a difficult time of transition.